Worm gene name:  hmr-1
Worm sequence name:  WO2B9.1
Related human gene:  Cadherin 1
Associated human disease:  Cleft Palet, CLEFT LIP
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Left primer sequence:  cacatacctcgtatgccacg
Right primer sequence:  gtgagctgcgtcgttatcaa
Size of PCR product:  500
Brief description:  Cadherins are glycoproteins involved in Ca2+-mediated cell-cell adhesion; these domains occur as repeats in the extracellular regions which are thought to mediate cell-cell contact when bound. Even though Cleft Palet or Cleft Lip are congenital defects curing this early in the pregnancy would be ideal.
to calcium
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  • Diagram of sagittal sections of palate formation  Diagram of sagittal sections of palate formation
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