Worm gene name:  WBGene00001442
Worm sequence name:  C25A1.2
Related human gene:  Fox03A
Associated human disease:  KO increases angiogenesis markers in vitro
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Left primer sequence:  tgagcccaacagaatgtcaa
Right primer sequence:  ccatatgacggcgaactttt
Size of PCR product:  330
Brief description:  Forkhead transcription factors are associated with G2-M checkpoint regulations. In addition, higher levels of FOXO3A have been assoicated with increase longivity in human trials. We were interested in the effects of reducing the expression of this transcription factor in c elegans. Groups have looked at this with other RNAi primers and have observed abnormalities. A mutant strain also exists for this gene: RB884.
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