Worm gene name:  lin-35 (abnormal cell LINeage family member)
Worm sequence name:  C32F10.2
Related human gene:  Retinoblastoma 1
Associated human disease:  Retinoblastoma
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Left primer sequence:  caaccgtttcctgtttcgat
Right primer sequence:  ccaccaaattgtgtgcaaag
Size of PCR product:  476
Brief description:  This genetic disease affects the eyesight of young children particularly below the age of 5. Cancerous cells originating from the eyes spread fast to other parts of the body.
lin-35 encodes the C. elegans retinoblastoma protein (Rb) ortholog; lin-35 was first identified in screens for synthetic multivulva (synMuv) genes and as a class B synMuv gene, functions redundantly with class A genes to antagonize Ras signaling and negatively regulate vulval development; in addition, lin-35 activity is required redundantly with: 1) pha-1 and ubc-18 for early steps in pharyngeal morphogenesis, 2) fzr-1 for normal patterns of postembryonic proliferation, 3) xnp-1 for somatic gonad development, and 4) psa-1 for fertility and embryonic and larval development; on its own, lin-35 is also required for wild-type levels of fertility; LIN-35 is expressed broadly in embryos and L1 larvae, but in later larvae and adults is detected in vulval precursor cells and their descendants as well as a subset of head and tail cells. I designed primers for the RNAi silencing probe using eRNAi. I performed PCR to evaluate the effectiveness of the primers. A specific positive correct sized band was amplified successfully.
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