Worm gene name:  B0432.4
Worm sequence name:  B0432.4
Related human gene:  UPC2
Associated human disease:  Obesity
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Left primer sequence:  attccaggagtcgtcaatgc
Right primer sequence:  aagtaggcggcattcatttg
Size of PCR product:  562
Brief description:  The uncoupling protein plays a role in producing heat and burning calories by creating trails that allows dissipation of the proton electrochemical gradient across the inner mitochondrial membrane in brown adipose tissue, without coupling to any other energy-consuming process. This pathway has been implicated in the regulation of body temperature, body composition, and glucose metabolism. In C. elegan, the UPC2 gene serses as a mitochondrial substrate carier and is involved in brown fat upcoupling.
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