Worm gene name:  emb-9
Worm sequence name:  K04H4.1
Related human gene:  Collagen, type II, Alpha -1
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Left primer sequence:  gacaatccggaagagatgga
Right primer sequence:  ggaagtcctggtgatcctga
Size of PCR product:  388
Brief description:  emb-9 encodes the alpha-1 chain of Type IV basement membrane collagen most closely equivalent to human COL4A1 (OMIM:120130) on the basis of biological function; EMB-9 forms heterotrimeric Type IV collagen with LET-2, the alpha-2-like chain, and is required for the assembly and/or secretion of LET-2; EMB-9 is essential for embryonic morphogenesis, particularly epidermal elongation, and for larval development; EMB-9 is expresed primarily by body wall muscles and some somatic cells of the gonad and is detected in nearly all basement membranes.
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