Worm gene name:  Leptin receptor gene-related protein
Worm sequence name:  C30B5.2
Related human gene:  Ob-RGRP
Associated human disease:  Obesity
People involved in this project: 
  • Nitika Parmar, California State University, Channel islands, CA
Left primer sequence:  acatggaccccaatgtttgt
Right primer sequence:  actggctccagcttccact
Size of PCR product:  381
Brief description:  Obesity is a major epidemic disease today. Genetic studies in mice models have revealed the leptin signaling pathway as a regulator of body weight. Leptin binds to its receptor Ob-R, and causes a reduction in food intake, thereby controlling body weight. Obese individuals have been shown to have inactivating mutations in the Ob-R gene, leading to an inability to sense leptin levels. Recently, Ob-RGRP was discovered as a negative regulator of Ob-R and hence, its over-expression is likely to increase body weight. In worms, although there is no leptin protein, a homolog of the Ob-RGRP has been found. It is hypothesized that this may have a similar function for regulating body weight. Silencing of this gene will lead to interesting insights into the regulation of feeding in worms as well as control of body weight.
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